HENkaku is developed by molecule. We are Davee, Proxima, xyz, and YifanLu. We were the first to hack the PSP compatibility mode on the Vita, the first to dump memory from the Vita, and the first to run native code on the Vita. We are now the first to bring you a homebrew enabler for the Vita.

molecularShell is based on VitaShell, which is developed by TheFlow.

The image of the Vita on the front page is based on work by Tokyoship, Wikimedia Commons and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.

We’d also like to thank an anonymous contributor for providing a WebKit vulnerability PoC (no CVE because CVE is dead).

Thanks to endrift, Frangar, and xerpi for early beta testing and feedback and thanks to all the users of Rejuvenate for putting up with the complicated setup procedures.

A Note on Piracy We are all developers by trade and we understand the problem of piracy that usually arises from breaking the security features of a device. The usual response from hackers is “not our problem” but we believe we can do better. We carefully designed HENkaku to be as permissive as possible for developers to write homebrew supporting private APIs and the option to bypass sandboxes. However, we also made sure to make it as difficult as possible to repurpose our tools to enable piracy. While piracy is always inevitable, we will not make it easy.

Shout-outs and thanks to the Vita homebrew community: Major_Tom and mr.gas, the only other serious Vita hackers. codestation, for continuing the work on OpenCMA. Cirne/dmchurch and xerpi for the SDK and sample code. Rest in peace npt!